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Electrolytic Rectifier


Electrolytic rectifier is also called electrolysis rectifier. It is composed of metal electrodes immersed in an electrolyte. This rectifier permits current flow in only one direction. The modern electrolysis rectifier has become an indispensable part of most rectifier circuit configurations. When two different metals are suspended in an electrolyte solution, direct current flowing in one direction meets less resistance than in the other directions. The electrolytic rectifier includes high frequency inverter soft switching mode rectifier and SCR electrolysis rectifier. It can be used in electrolytic polishing, electrolytic sewage treatment, the metallurgy industry as well as electroplating of nickel, aluminum and copper. Electrolytic rectifiers are also usually used as an aluminum anode and a lead or steel cathode, which are suspended in tri-ammonium orthophosphate solution.