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High Frequency Rectifier


High frequency rectifier is also a kind of high speed rectifiers. This inverter soft switching rectifier adopts high-quality imported IGBT as the main power device, and fine crystal (nanocrystalline) soft magnetic alloy material as its main transformer core. The main control system adopts polycyclic control technology, and resistance to salt fog acidification measures in structure. High frequency rectifier is of reasonable structure and high reliability. With superior performance of small volume, light weight and high efficiency, this inverter soft switching rectifier's power supply has become the update product of silicon controlled power supply. As a switching mode rectifier, high frequency rectifier is also a high frequency switch power supply device which can convert AC into DC. It has two main functions. First, this inverter soft switching rectifier exchanges AC into DC, after filtering, delivers to the load or to the inverter. Second, it can provide charging voltage for storage battery. Therefore, it also plays the role of a charger.

Applications of This Inverter Soft Switching Rectifier:

The high frequency rectifier is widely used in experiment, oxidation, electrolysis, zinc, nickel, tin plating, chrome plating, photoelectricity, smelting, formation, corrosion and other kinds of precision surface treatment occasions. High frequency rectifier (inverter soft switching rectifier) has got a good reputation in the industry of anodic oxidation, vacuum coating, electrolysis, electrophoresis, water treatment, electronic products aging, electric heating, electrochemical, etc. Especially in the PCB, electroplating, electrolysis industry field, high frequency rectifier has become the first choice of power supply products for many customers.


1. This inverter soft switching rectifier has small volume and light weight.
The volume and weight is 1/5 to 1/10 of silicon controlled rectifier, which can facilitate your planning, expansion, mobile, maintenance and installation.
2. The high frequency rectifier owns a good energy saving effect.
Adopting high frequency transformer, conversion efficiency has been improved greatly. Compared to SCR equipment, this inverter soft switching rectifier can improve efficiency more than 10% normally, more than 30% when the load rate is below 70%.
3. High frequency rectifier provides high output stability.
Due to the fast system response speed (microsecond level), strong adaptability to the power grid and load change, high output precision, the inverter soft switching rectifier owns high working efficiency and control precision. It is beneficial to improve the quality of products.
4. The output waveform of the high frequency rectifier is easy to modulate.
Because of its high working frequency, the processing cost of the output waveform adjustment is relatively low. This inverter soft switching rectifier is convenient to change output waveform in accordance with the customers' process requirements.

Technical Parameters of High Frequency Rectifier:

Input Voltage AC380V/AC220V
Output Characteristic constant current or constant pressure (0 ~ rating)
Output Waveform high frequency square wave, DC and superimposed waveform
Control Precision ≤1%
Efficiency ≥89%
Power Factor ≤90%
Protection Mode overvoltage, under voltage, overheating, overcurrent
Cooling Mode air cooling or water cooling
Optional Configuration PLC interface
Environment Temperature -20℃ to 45℃
Environmental Humidity ≤80%
Insulation Class B class
Protection Level IP20
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