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A power supply, also called power source, is a device providing electric power to an electrical load. The term is most commonly applied to electric power converters which convert one form of electrical energy to another. It may also refer to a device that can convert another form of energy (mechanical, chemical, solar) to electrical energy. A regulated power supply or power source is one that controls the output voltage or current within a specific value. The controlled value is nearly constant despite there are some variations in either load current or the voltage provided by the power supply's energy source. Depending on its design, a power source may obtain energy from as follows: electrical energy transmission systems (power supplies that convert AC line voltage to DC voltage), energy storage devices (such as batteries and fuel cells), electromechanical systems such as generators and alternators and solar power.

Commonly Specified Power Supply (Power Source) Attributes:

1. The amount of voltage and current it can supply to its load.
2. How stable its output voltage or current is under varying line and load conditions.
3. How long it can supply energy without refueling or recharging (applies to power supplies that employ portable energy sources).
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