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WHFD Series High Frequency Inverter Soft Switch Electroplating Power Supply


This high frequency switching power supply is designed using a soft-switched resonant DC link inverter (RDCLI). High frequency inverter soft switch electroplating power supply adopts a current initialization scheme based on state transition equation to avoid zero crossing failures. This power supply uses zero hysteresis bang-bang control for current control within the inverter. The designed power supply supports 400 Hz load. The advantage of this high frequency switching power supply is to use soft switch inverter rather than conventional hard switch PWM inverter in terms of adequate current regulator bandwidth. Inverter soft switch electroplating power supply can reduce switching losses. The proposed solution is to validate through extensive MATLAB and CASPOC simulation.
General (Chengdu) Rectification Electric Appliance Research Institute is a professional manufacturer and supplier of inverter soft switch electroplating power supply in China. We also produce silicon controlled rectifier and silicon controlled reversing electroplating power supplies and pulse high frequency switching power supply. Our products have been exported to USA, Germany, Australia, Singapore, India, Brazil, Iran, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Malaysia, etc.